Saturday, April 18, 2009

Remind me again

To never let Samantha nap for more than 2 hours in the truck in one day! OH was it brutal to get her to bed tonite!!! We did a road trip today to visit my Aunt up in Unionville. We, being my mom, sister Tori, niece Brianna, and my two kids and me....everyone slept on the way up (except mom, who was driving and me who was talking) even DJ slept! Which is odd for him considering the time! But who am I to wake a sleeping child!?!!??! nope nope nope!
We arrived to my Aunt's penthouse later than expected, but it was all good. Had a lovely meal!! Even tried some new foods (iffy on that one) and capers (YUM!!)...indulged on some chocolate cake (WOW!) and had a good time! As soon as the kids started getting antsier than normal we took off.
As we were leaving I asked mom where the cemetery was for my Grandma and Grandpa's plot...if it was close by or not. It turns out, it was kinda on the we made a pit stop to the cemetery as I haven't been there in 25 years, since my G'pa died (Oh, got corrected on that today, it's been 25 not 23 years!) and I wasn't back in Ontario when my G'ma died this past September. So with it being such a beautiful day, we thought it would be nice to drop by. Took us a while to find their brass marker! They're in a veterans section (G'pa was in WWII, but not really) and there's no headstones in that section as no one man is better than the other. Isn't just a neat "rule"!?!?!
Then we took off for home and everyone but me and DJ fell asleep...I was driving this time. On our way home Dad called to ask us what we wanted for dinner...after a few suggestions he balked at they hung up. Then he called back within minutes and said he was taking us out for Chinese...I'm game! So we had a relatively nice dinner...the kids have been too contained today for my liking, but some days are like that! The moment we get DJ settled, he looks at the waiter and says "where's my crayons?" ummmm not that kind of place honey!! I think he's been restaurant trained now!

We're all sick (the three of us) with a cold that my sister graciously passed on to us. DJ's mostly over it, but Sam and I are just at the beginning. I looked at the cough syrup we have and I don't fit any category, so I'm toughing it out. So's Sam for that matter! Mostly just a runny nose for her and a sore throat for me...combined with some sneeze attacks....blah! Energy is okay tho, so that's good! I was thinking today, this is as good a place as any to keep track of what ails us from time to time....I can just see it now...the Dr asking "so when did he have those stitches?" and me replying "hang on, let me check my blog..." hahahahaha

I finished The Shack...did I say that already? If you haven't read it....oh go buy it!!!! Costco-10.00!!! And TOTALLY worth it! Best read I've had in a long time!!! Aside from Celestine Prophecy...this is my fave! LOVE IT!! (Getting the picture yet?!) On the night table now, besides my PEOPLE Twilight. Yea, I know, I'm slow to the game sometimes...I'm getting there tho! Besides...I don't have a teen aged girl who's all into it like a nutso...that's the HUGE difference between teen aged boys and girls...Jacob, could care less!!!!!!!! LOL And Howie only read 2/3's of it and quit...too much like a romance novel for him...which guarantees I'm gonna like it!! LOL I'm just not much of a vampire fan....hopefully I can get past that part. I have decided tho, that I am old enough now, that if I don't like particular book, I don't HAVE to read it!!! It used to bother me to not finish a book, no matter how much I wasn't enjoying it....not no more!

OK, til next time...ciao!

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