Friday, April 10, 2009

Legend has it

That in our family if it snows on April 10th, it's the last one of winter. If it doesn't snow on April 10th, then we're in for one more.
Why April 10th?? That was my Grandpa's birthday. I really think it was just way for my Grandma to make sure we all knew when his birthday was!! And while he's been gone now for 23 years, the legend lives on! WOW, he's been gone for more than half my sad! He was my only G'pa dad's dad was long gone before I was even a thought! And I did have a stepG'pa...but we won't get into snow today...guess that means there's one more snowfall to come and then it's officially spring! Hope it's soon so we can get it over with...I've got all my long sleeved stuff put away already!

It's Easter weekend and it doesn't really feel it....the kids are still too young to understand any of it let alone the bunny part! But I did get them each a new spring jacket and some new shoes! And instead of hiding a multitude of eggs for DJ to find, which he'd then want to eat and pester me for days about eating, I bought him 6 Cadbury's carmel eggs. I may just have to help him with one, or two....definitely NOT three! LOL

Missing home terribly....Missing my husband fiercely!!!! Missing my g/f's that need hugs! Its just not the same when I'm so far away! This separation has it's mixed blessings in that I really have made some good friends in WA and I really hope they're still there when I get back! Coming home to ON after almost 7 years gone really showed me who was a lifetime friend. Its been kinds surreal that way. My dad once said to look at your hand...count one friend for each finger, and that's all you need! It's true...otherwise you spread yourself too thin and no one gets to know the real you! Don't tell my dad I agree with him k? Or he'll start giving me more lectures than I can handle!!! lol

Ok...I'll let ya know when it snows again....RIP Grandpa!

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