Thursday, April 23, 2009

He is SUCH a boy!

So much so that tonite he got his second black eye of his life!!! Not even 3 and he's had stitches and two black eyes...what ever am I in for with this child!?!??!! How did it happen you a few?
Since moving here he's had a fascination with my parents couch...taking the cushions off to jump on them, sitting at one end with his feet (or whole body) underneath the middle cushion, and lately, taking the cushions off to jump on the couch!! There's springs in there dontcha know! Yes, he's been given trouble many MANY times and sent to time out, but so far, it's not working! He just continues to do it. Tonite, after dinner, he did it again! My mom was downstairs, and I was here in the office with SamSam and all of a sudden, that blood curdling scream that you know your baby is hurt....and he was!!!!!!! When I got to him he was just righting himself to come get before I consoled him I asked him how he did it....well at the end of this 6ft trampoline we call a couch, there's two wall units that are 6ft tall...and the one on the end has a drop down cupboard...and he hit that knob dead on!!! Instant goose egg happening and of course the red, black, blue co-mingling of pain! His eye itself looks fine, its all underneath it. I have a hard time looking at him without cringing....I don't like to see the pain people have...esp on their faces!!! So we immediately put "nilla" on it (did you know that vanilla on facial bumps don't allow the black and blue phase to last...and in two days they have a bit of yellow to show for it and that's it! AMAZING!) and then did some ice...have you tried to ice a 2 y/o's owie!??! NOT a fun thing to do! So we opted instead for a cold wash cloth...which he did himself and wasn't getting mad at me about. Also did the dose of Tylenol just to ensure he wasn't "feeling it" as I'm sure that would be the first thing I'd grab!!! And then once he was actually asleep for 2 hours I woke him up, took him potty, asked if anything hurt (no) and then put him back in bed. I gave him a butterfly kiss and asked what it was, and he answered with a smile, so I think he's gonna be just fine!!! WHEW! What an ordeal!

All this after having a great day and FANTASTIC dinner!!! The weather is finally looking brighter and with it being dry all day, I took the kids to the park. It was a bit on the cool side, but that just meant more layers for them...and surprisingly, hardly any other kids were Sam got to get out of the stroller and tool around. There was a dog there with his humans and DJ and he got along just great!!!! Rolo loved that DJ wanted to throw the ball for him...and DJ equally loved that Rolo would go get it and bring it back!!! Our dog Snickers is gonna just be all over DJ when we go home!!!

Still nothing on that front either....I keep meaning to call, but all my papers with my case number are in my room...where Sam I'll have to make sure I dig them out tomorrow so I can call at nite.

Starting to get into Twilight....and liking it so hasn't gotten weird on me yet....still in chapter 3....or 4...can't remember now....but it's good! I'm a perpetual teenager at heart! I can't believe I'm going to be 37 this year...I can't believe I just typed that out in public for all the world to see....something is seriously wrong with me!!!! LOL

Til next time...ciao!


  1. Hi Missy! It's Jenn! Tyler had 2 black eyes and 7 stitches 3 days before his 3rd birthday and 2 weeks after Kaylee was born he broke his arm and had to have surgery to have it pinned. Lets not talk about the phone calls to poison control! At 7, he is more cautious, but I warn you, it gets worse before it gets better!

  2. Gee, thanks for those words of wisdom Jenn!!!! It is nice to know I'm not alone!!!! I remember the broken arm...


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