Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I must admit...

I'm still positively GIDDY about the news from yesterday!! So much so, that I've even counted sleeps!!!!! There's 44 sleeps til the interview...that's the major one!!! And then when (not if) we're approved for the visa, from today, and the plan we've tentatively talked about, it's 59 sleeps til the kids and I are on our way home!! Home...what a wonderful word!!! The plan, is that my mom will come with us and then fly back. This way she can help me with the kids, save Howie his job, and see where we live now as she hasn't seen the new place we moved into a year ago. So June 26th, I'm gonzo!!!! Which also works out well in that I should now be able to attend my cousin's wedding on the 19th! Providing I find a sitter for my kids as they weren't invited....anybody out there wanna sit for me?!?!! LOL

I've decided not to tell DJ about the pending plans to go home until they're final and the approval is granted...otherwise, he'd pester me daily....and God forbid anything does go wrong, it would break his heart! I mistakenly told him about how Daddy's coming for his birthday, and he now asks frequently if it's his birthday...or he'll tell me how Daddy's coming for MY birthday. It's cute, but annoying!

I made the physical appointment for June 1st....they suggest a week in advance, but looking at my mom's schedule, this works best for both of us. I have to be IN Toronto for 7 am (ICK) and the appt itself is about 2 hours long. Then there's the chest x-ray and blood work. So we talked about just me heading in to T.O. while she minds the kids at home....which is better than having them strapped into their car seats for 5 hours...altho, it would be good practice....nah!
I also have to go get a tetanus shot by my GP before going to this physical as it's the only thing on the list that I'm missing, and I need proof of all the other vaccines I've had in my life. BLAH! That's on my list of things to do tomorrow. I hate needles!!!!

Going to bed early tonite as I stayed up WAY too late reading that dang book!!! I'm totally sucked in now (get it?) and if I go earlier to bed, I can get in more reading but get to sleep a wee bit earlier than last nite's 2 am!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. Gee Missy, a pity you have that Toronto app't in June, right after I leave for a month!! If it were earlier you could have stayed the night before your app't with me. Ah well, mores the pity. :o('


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