Friday, April 24, 2009

Say what now?

I got some news today....some good, some bad...well not bad, just not what I expected AT ALL!!! I did remember to get all my paperwork out of my room today before nap time happened...and I did actually call the NVC to see what the normal deal is when at this stage of the game. Spoke with a curt, but nice fellah, and he informed me that my case is now considered COMPLETE! Which is the GOOD news!!! No more paperwork is needed from me!!!! So now it's a matter of scheduling...which he explained to me.
They do interviews during the 2nd week of every he checked for me and no I don't have an interview for May...which isn't such a bad thing really as I'd be in Seattle/Maui during that time frame and I'd hate to miss out on it! So I can call back during the 3rd week of May and check if I'm on June's schedule.
And then he said something about which I very nicely replied "Say what now?" Yeah, apparently the only embassy close to me that does these kinds of interviews is in that's what the MTL on my case number stands for...gotcha!
DANG this adds a bit of a spin to it doesn't it!??! I checked on my phone's maps app, and MTL is about 6.5 hours away....toss in a potty trained toddler and it may well take me 8 hours to get there! Does this sound like fun!?!?!!? HA So I put the word out to my peeps that I'd be in their area and would love to get together, and one of my g/f's graciously offered us to stay with her whenever we need it! YAY!!!! One problem solved!!!

Then my mom asks when I told her the latest, "so it might not be til September then" SAY WHAT NOW!?!?! Oh heck no!!! I haven't even thought that far ahead! I told her that July was all I could mentally deal with right now! GAH!!!!

I did ask the guy too, at what point will I know the it immediately? In a letter?? What? and he didn't have an answer for me...blah!

So, there ya have it! DJ's eye is doing good! Not nearly as bad as it looked last nite, but I can see where I missed putting vanilla, as it didn't look bruised int the under part of his eye, close to his nose, last nite....but he's a trooper!! Let me put polysporin on it and everything!

Til next time...ciao!

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