Sunday, April 19, 2009

I really lub it when...

My nostrils play stuff it hockey!!! And then include my ears as the goal posts...blah!! At least my throat feels better!! But over all, I feel yucky! At one point, I blew my nose and got the spins....WOW!!!! What a trip! LOL Still toughing it out....seems Sam didn't get the full blown cold, or maybe its all the super milk I make that she's just not as snotty as me or DJ, who is also back to his healthy devilish ways!
Just today I found him NOT napping and dismantling a flashlight. He was showing the 'little engineer' in him that his Daddy is quite proud of! Thankfully, I was able to put it together and get it working again! THEN when I put him to bed for the THIRD time tonite, a pair of scissors fell out of his bed...excuse me!??!! And that's how I solved the mystery of the triangle cut out of his pants.....GRRRRRRRRR
Samantha, it seems, has this sleeping thing down pat!!! She got a cat nap this morning when I went for a tan...and a short nap this afternoon, which was just wonderful! And tonite, she was an angel to put to bed. At least my kids take turns! :)

My dad started a money thing with DJ about 5 mos ago...started off with just pennies, and then nickels were included, and then dimes were given and finally one each with a he's getting about 0.41 cents a day give or take what my dad has in his pocket on any given morning. He's pretty good at making sure he's got the right coins for DJ every morning. Well...Samantha didn't like this favouritism and decided she was gonna ask for money too! So now in the mornings as soon as my dad puts his shirt on to leave the house, she's standing in front of him clenching her fist and grunting for money. He gives her a penny, and she comes running to me to put it in her piggy bank...then goes running back to him for more, he gives her a dime and she runs away from all of us!! So she's quite the Hughes in wanting to keep it for herself! LOL (Love you Honey!) It used to be that DJ would ask "Poppa, I need money!" and dad would sit down and go thru the routine so DJ knows which coin is Sam's beating him to the punch! She's so trained in fact, that when they left to go out shopping this afternoon she was begging for more's cute! Thankfully SHE'S cute, or she wouldn't be able to get away with it! And no way in heck am I starting this habit with them!!! Nope nope nope!!!

Again...hittin the hay early...seems this reading under the covers trick works!!! Still only on the first chapter of's a long chapter! LOL

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. Hope you're feeling better today! ((HUGS))
    Thanks for the comment about the books - I'd love to know the name of the series you're talking about, if you remember!

    Happy Monday!


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