Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sad but not heartbroken

This morning we waved good bye and blew kisses to Grams and Pops (as DJ calls them) as they headed off to the airport with Howie driving and DJ beside Poppa....Sam and I got to stay behind and have a nice breakfast which was already heated up, and take our time getting ready for dance class. Howie got home and we turned round and headed for town for Sam's class....he finally got to attend one and just giggled his way thru it watching her dance her heart out!!! SO fun!!!

Then we ran some errands and headed for home and had a pizza I'd just picked up on the run...then we declared it nap time, but Sam wouldn't have anything of it! So Howie got the bed, and I got the couch to be with her. Then I got up and made the sketti sauce while Sam was in the bath enjoying the bubbles. DJ came home from school, and I wrangled him into the bath after doing Sam's hair all pretty. Then I grabbed a shower and we ate an early dinner as tonite was an Awana nite. Our first one without the secretary who's done it for years!!! They left the church in December, so we are head secretary-less...kinda scary, but we all managed!

We got home and the kids went right to fighting either like we talked about...I like that! Sam accidentally went to bed last nite without a diaper on (she ate dinner in jammies) and so she soaked her bed :( so tonite we made SURE she put one on as her sheets are in the wash...along with her pillow! Howie went to bed about 9:30 and I sat and watched some tv while perusing the Auction book I'd been given to read and learn from. Modern Family was funny as usual...Phil's panic was hilarious and true to form for most people. Happy Endings kinda lost me...but that might have been due to the book in my was more like an inside joke they weren't sharing well...I don't know, but it felt off. Revenge, that was GOOD!! I put it on pause and spent a half hour doing the Auction thing as I knew I'd get engrossed in it...good call on my part! Got some knitting done too once my hands warmed up! Losing two heat producing bodies changed the temp in the house for sure!!! Altho, I swear I can still smell garlic!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. I have hardly been watching TV. Caught Biggest Loser the other night, but not much else. Survivor and Amazing Race ended and I'm waiting for them to come back. I suppose I should *try* a new show.

    I bet it's a little lonely without Grams and Pops around. :-)


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