Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to the grind

What a busy weekend!!!!

Friday we didn't do anything spectacular...or at least, I can't remember right now...

Saturday I made the horrid mistake of going to Costco....Howie got home from fishing and I went out after lunch...kidless!!! I swear, I'll never do that again!! I'll gladly wait til Monday and take BOTH kids with me if I have to! It was SO not worth it to go by myself! WOW!!

Then Saturday nite, after dinner and baths, we played Uno Attack with both kids....found out DJ learned how to play regular Uno next door....so we played the four of us, and it was FUN!!! Oh I'm so excited that we can play real games with the kids now! I won the first game and we had to pause the second game as I had to leave and get to Panera and do the pick up. From there I went to the bingo hall to play with my g/f Jackie and her crew. I made the mistake of doubling one of my strips, and it cost me more in the end...but on the VERY LAST game, I got to yell BINGO with an O 74 call....I'd been waiting for it and waiting for it!! I'd gotten close on a couple other games, but this one finally made me a winner!!! Sadly, I wasn't the only one to yell Bingo....2 others shared my victory and I got a whopping 34.00!  But hey, it was 22 dollars more than I spent!!!! So a win for me!!!

Sunday we went to church and after that came home for lunch...I then left and finished the grocery shopping...kidless again, but this time at Freddy's...MUCH  more tolerable!!! We've started phase one of South Beach again, so I took my time shopping and picking things out. Did good! I also got some potty pads for Belle to try....for behind the chairs, her fave place to poop....my goal is to move them once a week, or so, and get them closer and closer to outside so she'll learn to go outside instead of inside. Here's hoping!!!

Today we've done not much of anything really....well, the kids have played their hearts out!! We've had K and C here for the better part of the afternoon too. I got some Avon stuff done and we've picked up the books from the shed for sharing out on Wednesday. Howie's back at work, and it's been weird without him home....granted it was weird with him home those first couple days when vacation started....lol

Howie got home from work and managed to grab an hour's nap...lucky ducky!!! I'd found a really cool app for my phone that has a 3D pop up story of Rapunzel...both kids enjoyed that for over an hour!!! Score one for mom!!! I did LOTS of searching today for free eBooks for the Kindle app...I found about 15 or 20 kids books and grabbed them all!! Even the Pollyanna ones for Sam in a few years! Who knows, by then she could have her own Kindle and maybe I can "loan" it to her. As we're fiddling around with Rapunzel and I'm getting dinner started the doorbell rings sending everyone into a tizzy....it was Michaela with a plate of homemade cream puffs! Talk about torture!!!!! I was SO ready to chuck today as day 1 and start tomorrow!!!!! But, I only took 4 for the kids and DJ was more than happy with that. They sure smelled heavenly!!! Never had 'em homemade before! *sigh*

After dinner I bathed DJ and got he kids in bed....with promises of sippy cups awaiting them in the fridge even tho it's a school day! DJ even told me to pick out his clothes and leave them on his bed so he can get dressed "just like that" and go! SO cute! I will tho, just to see if he does it well...might be the start of a new trend! Once they were in bed, Howie and I totally indulged in a Weight Watchers fudge bar!!!!! Oh I'm SO glad those things are allowed in phase one!!!! Seriously needed it!!! Night time is my toughest time!! I don't snack all day long, but come nite time, even if I'm knitting, I get snacky!!! I did okay tonite tho...whew! Day one is always the hardest!! 'Course I may say day 3 is the hardest...we'll see! At least I didn't all the bad habits I had to break last time, this time!!

There was some really big college football game on tonite, of which I could have cared less who won, really...but that ended just before 9, and then Howie went to bed...so I put on the Bachelor and within 20 minutes was sobbing! I swear, that's a first for this show!!!! Making me cry!?!?!? lol Yeah, I'm a sap tho! And I'm hormonal...so I really was screwed from the get go! I may have cried more than the girls in the show tonite!!!! Oh the drama!!! Blakely needs to go HOME!!!! She's just awful!! So is that other chick who got the one on one...oh, I can't remember her name...Courtney! that's it! She's just spiteful!! ugh! Castle was good tonite, but I didn't follow it near as well as I normally do...Pinterest sucked me in!!! oops!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. Me and Sydney are watching The Bachelor this year. OMGAH. Can you believe the blogger giving us a bad name? I swear! SO glad she got the boot. That was one crazy lady. :-)


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