Monday, January 2, 2012

Dinner by candlelight

So romantic but when you add your kids and parents to the mix, its not so romantic!! Oh add to that the fact that you don't have power and its right before dinner was actually done cooking!! Quite the challenge!! So what do we do? Play cards by candlelight!! And when the pwer did come back on...we leapt to the kitchen  kept on playing cards instead of making the rest of the dinner we intended on making at which point the power went out again!!!!! So we really did get to eat by candlelight!

When we were done eating I was more than shocked to see it was already after 8! and since its a school nite for Mr DJ, they went to bed....not without some ordeal tho...we still didnt have power....BUT I had the genius idea to give the kids some glow sticks to help ease their night light anxieties. I'd gotten the idea from a friend of mine that uses them when she bathes her kids!!! Not sure if I'll get that brave or not, but it sure worked tonite!! Just as I was about to read by the flashlight app on my phone when I noticed Sam's night light was glowing!!! We didn't have the bedroom lights on since they didn't work to begin we quick put them on and read our books and tucked them in. They were both concerned that the glow stick fairy was going to come and take them away...clearly they remember halloween! lol I reassured them (DJ more so than Sam) that she would NOT come...and DJ asked if I had her phone number to call her and tell her...cracked me UP! He fell asleep holding them and she had them on her bed!

I then had the task of cleaning the kitchen from dinner and getting DJ's lunch ready for school tomorrow...YAY!! I'm SO ready for that routine to get back in place!!! Howie went to bed and I finished up and got to sit a spell....watched Mike & Molly and then 2 Broke Girls....2.5 Men was on and i wasn't that impressed....Then we watched the news a bit before mom and dad went down to bed...

I'm currently sitting here with the tablet on my lap learning how to use the keyboard in a typing fashion as its incredibly sensitive!!! I'll be typing and all of a sudden I'm typing somewhere else cuz a part of my thumb hit the mouse pad area thingy....This has definitely taken longer than I anticipated!!! But it sure is nice to sit here and type while watching the Bachelor! Who has some pretty amazingly stupid women to pick from!!! This Jenna chick is off her rocker!!! I was FLOORED when he picked her as the last one!!!! DANG! Let the drama begin! Oh wait, it already has!!! Sheesh! The girl who just walked in and didn't stop to meet him, yeah, that backfired!!! The Monica chick is there to find her own chick....she's not there for Ben! Just sayin...

Now, I'm gonna hit the hay....that 7 am alarm is gonna hurt after having 2.5 weeks off!! Reminds me, gotta set it up!
Til Next time...God bless!

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