Sunday, January 15, 2012

The snow has arrived!!

In full force too!!

This morning out had a sleeping DJ next to me til he woke up at 8:45...not too bad for a Saturday if you ask me!! I'd left them both a sippy, so they were happy....til DJ managed to change the channel and put it on Sonic...which apparently scared Sam and she came running to me. I loved the snuggles and giggles!!! We got up and had breakfast while waiting for Howie to get home from fishing. Meanwhile Kung Fu panda was on....don't much like that show a had two jumping and kicking children!!

Howie got home about 10:30 and I was off to get ready to head out Avoning...just as I was about to out makeup on Howie came in to tell me it was snowing ...and hard!!! He wasn't kidding. It was pouring snow!! Just dumping down!! I sent Howie to have a nap and helped the kids get dressed for snow. I did DJ first as he's quicker and knows the process of getting geared up. There was only an inch at this point but that was enough for them. Sam was longer get dressed what with her independent streak of wanting to get dressed herself!! I was smart tho and made her put a pull up on....getting out of all these layers to pee in a hurry is tricky.

She was off and the first thing she did after getting down the stairs was make a REAL snow angel!!! So cute to watch her admire her work too. While they were out I got busy cleaning the kitchen. I even did a Norwex test for a girlfriend of mine who's daughter wrote on her countertops with a I took a marker, wrote Norwex on my counter and then got it right off with cleaning paste.

I woke Howie after two hours and he was shocked at how much snow there was. I'd already had a nice quiet lunch and so did he before the kids trickled in to eat and warm up. Theory both asked for some hot cocoa and I obliged with a sugar free recipe I'd found on Pinterest. They didn't like it :(  DJ got redressed and headed back out. Howie cleaned the truck off and I got SamSam redressed too. She didn't want to play but rather go inside their house. With the snowfall I'd volunteered to go unload a run for the shed...Howie volunteered to drive me. The kids stayed behind and we got done pretty quickly. Boy was it COLD out!!! We got home safely and decided we weren't going anywhere!! Our street can be tricky with the hill, but if he was to get called to work, then off he'd have to go!!

Since the kids were still busy playing, I grabbed a shower while Howie watched football. Then we got dinner going. Sam was the first to come home...with DJ not far behind her. They chose waffles and bananas for their dinner while we had steak, mushrooms, artichoke and xauludlower ....very yummy!!! After dinner I skipped their baths as they were both clearly worn out!!! DJ was asleep before I got to hug him good nite!! He was the crankiest!! Once football was over Howie and I played crib. We've both got it on our phones and haven't played for years!! We each win a game before he headed to bed. He's gotta go in for 5 to melt ice before people come work out. I watched Miss America but not wholeheartedly, just nothing else on and none of the movies I have in dvr interested me. Now I've gotten caught up in Golden Girls and loving it!! Betty White will be 90 on the 17th of this month....she's the only one still alive too!!

Til next time...God bless!

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