Friday, January 20, 2012

Goin Stir CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

No, really, I am!!!! I'm so anxious inside it's not funny! I'm ready to bust out in tears and then laugh hysterically!!! I don't much like these feelings!! They get in the way! *sigh*

Last nite just as I was getting ready to shut everything down for the nite, the power went out! I'd been waiting up for Snickers to get home (sounds odd, but yes, I was waiting on the DOG to come home!) She had come home, settled on the mat outside the sliding door and the minute I stood up to let her in, she took off down the stairs again...I watched her trot across the yard to the road and that was the last I saw of her....I flicked the light off on the back porch and the entire house went dark. I thought I'd blown a fuse or came back on briefly, like a camera flash, and then off again. I'd already shut the tv down...and most of the I locked up and headed to bed. The heaters had been running all nite, so the house was warm but knowing it was going to chill considerably, I actually put a nightgown on! Left the doors to both kids' rooms open so they'd not have to bang into it trying to find it. DJ didn't take long to come screaming into our room cuz it was so pitch black!! I pray one day he'll enjoy darkness for it was, he snuggled in with us and we went to sleep.

I woke up the next time and Sam was in Howie's spot...mvfm vfi


The above gobbledygook is from one of my children...proof of their stir craziness too!! lol

Today, Saturday, and all is right with the world!!! Slept until 10:30 or so...lovely!! Chilly, but lovely!! Had breakfast and was out the door by noon to head to town for groceries. Did the dollar store, my boyfriend Ben, Freddy's and the co-op before heading home! My hips actually hurt from all the walking!

To make it even better...Howie suggests teriyaki for could I refuse?!?! The kids got a glow bath before dinner and once they were settled in bed, Howie and I played cards where he promptly handed me my arse!! Yowch! I also made some sugar-free jello shots with the vanilla vodka left in the pantry...they were yummo!! Definitely do that again!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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