Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who's dragging their butt now

 ha ha, very funny

This is the latest quote from Rio that Sam's spouting off every five seconds!! The first time I heard her say it tho, I was in stitches!!!!

This morning went well until DJ lost his sippy cup I'd JUST poured him two seconds  before...and we spent probably 5 minutes looking for it before I decided enough was enough and we headed to school....LATE! I knew from the moment we got in the truck he'd need a tardy slip...and informed him of that too! The kids had their breakfast in the truck and I had mine in my purse...I don't like eating the moment I get up...I need to clear the cobwebs! After we dropped DJ off, Sam and I went to SVEC to drop books...and we sat and chatted with our neighbours, who were also eating I joined them and Sam played with play doh with K and C. We left just before 10 and headed to her dance center. It was SO cold out, that the heat in the truck was quite welcome.

After dance we had one stop to make...getting the pizza and dropping it off. Easy breezy, lemon squeezy!! We got home and I made myself a lunch as Sam had already partaken in pizza...she got some cucumber with me and was quite happy. After lunch we got some laundry going and then snuggled under great grandma Thelma's blanket was SOOOOOOO cold in the house it was ridiculous!! My nose was ice cold!! At 3 we started moving around, but cuz it was still SO cold, I put the oven on for an hour and enjoyed the warmth in the kitchen as I cleaned and prepped dinner.

Dinner was early as it was an Awana nite....and we were taking K with us for the first time...DJ was SO excited to bring him as a friend....he got a little wired from that and was doing stupid stuff to show off all nite! They separated them in game time, on the same team, but with 4 kids between them lol...they learned quick! He said he had fun! As we were loading up in the truck, I heard the choo of a train and thought "good timing, we'll miss it!" and then as we pull up to the tracks, the bars are down and flashing and there's a second train that was FAR longer than the first one! grrrr To top it off, I had a day 3 headache that would NOT stop!! The lights and noise were threatening to turn migraine on home and took 4 advil right away! Within the hour, it was gone and I'm SO thankful!

Howie went to bed immediately after the kids I came out and watched Whitney, which had me rolling...and then a new show Are You There, Chelsea...which I'm not too sure's quite irreverent, and while I'm a fan of Chelsea Handler, not sure I'll be able to watch this one, we'll see. Modern Family was perfectly funny!!! Such a good show! And Happy Endings was the funniest!! I'm saving Revenge and heading to bed early...I liked being in bed at 12:30 last nite...the morning wasn't too tough...waking up at least...

Ha ha very funny!

Til next time...God bless!

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