Friday, January 13, 2012

Some turned the heat off

OUTSIDE!!!!!! Brrr it was cold!! The truck said 29 when I got in it this morning....NOT a fan of that! Hey honey, can we move to California!??!! Or Hawaii?!? I'd be good with that! I was also good with DJ not getting another tardy slip today!! I really, truly don't know how I pulled it off, as he was a bit of a pill to wake up, but we got him there for 8:25 and then Sam and I came home for breakfast....which I burnt!!!! Burnt eggs are a NASTY smell!!! Howie could still smell it when he came home! blech!

After breakfast we snuggled in the chair a bit with the blanket just enjoying our body heat...and some Dora of course! By noon we were both hungry, so I made us our lunch and we enjoyed it together. Once I'd gotten the dishes done, I loaded her up in the bath for a quick wash. She chose a quick wash over a play bath so she could get some swing time at DJ's school before picking him up. And she would have gotten longer except that she made a big mistake in not listening to me. I'd asked her more than 3 times to put her coat on, she already got her shoes on, but stopped to play on the leapfrog game...and even while I was down there getting myself ready I asked her again and she ignored me. So, I left the house, got in the truck and started it...even pretended to drive away...she was NOT happy with me then!! But I think (hope) it will have taught her a lesson! I also told her she lost her swing time....which made her really sad (read: POUTY) and so when we got to the school, we discussed her attitude and how she needs to do a much better job at listening to what I say as there's consequences to her actions.

As she was swinging away, DJ came and startled me from behind...and off we went! Before we left the parking lot tho, he informed me that Marty had invited him to spend the nite...and I found THE cutest handwritten note asking him to come for a sleep over. When we got home the kids went next door to play and before I got in the shower, I called Marty's mom and chatted with her to let her know the invitation was put out there. He'll be having a sleep over on Sunday nite....I'll keep ya posted!!! This is one he can't just run home from at 11 pm! Should be interesting!

Dinner was DELICIOUS!!!!! BUT I found out that the kids don't like frozen green beans...I liked them, but they didn't...and I have 4 more bags in the I left as they were battling as I had a meeting to attend at school for the auction. I'd sent out a few emails, got no response, and the school sent out a second email this afternoon that was I wasn't sure what to expect...I was over zealous....I see that now in hindsight! Ugh!! I had 6 people show up, and one of them was the principal. I did learn a lot from the people there and got some stuff cleared up, so that was good....and I got a few names to contact who did stuff last year. The fun begins!!!!

I got home about 8:30 and the kids were already in bed....and Howie was waiting to have a fudgesicle with me before heading to bed himself. My chores were already done, so it was nice to sit and not worry about that....altho, I did get up a couple times to switch out laundry...the kids now make a whole load each!!! I feared this day would come!

I watched BBT which was hilarious with the reaction to the tiara...what woman wouldn't freak out at getting one!?!?!? lol And then Grey's was just tense with the separation of those twins!!! And I don't like how they're portraying Dr Webber these days!  PP was wild!! Pete was on his A game!! And I love how Addison is going to continue on her journey! I also watched Revenge from last nite...WOW was that heavy!!! Dang!! Such a good show!

Now I'm gonna go watch the scene behind my eyelids....
Til next time...God bless!

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