Monday, January 16, 2012

For the first time ever

Dj is actually sleeping over at a friends house tonite!!!!

But not until we did a full day of Avoning!! As a family too cuz Howie didn't want me driving in our snow....he hasn't seen an Ontario winter....but hey, I'll take the passenger seat no problem!! 

Our day started with DJ waking up at 6:45 freaking out because it was SO dark...and I'll be honest, it took me a good 3 minutes to realize we have no mh defense I was half asleep!! It lasted til just after 7 but who knows how long it was out for. Howie said the clock ws flashing when he got up. Then when I was bathing the kids it went out again!! Sam was done but DJ hadn't even started. That was fun!! Howie woke then and couldn't eat the eggs us made as he had no way to heat them! As I was packing  up our lunches it came back on.

We left about 12:30 and the our street was the worst...from there each road got better. The kids did fabulous!!! Howie complained more than they did...but the kids have done it enough they know what to expect!! We got done at 4 and dropped DJ off about 4:30 at Marty's house. This sleep over is SO different than any others....he can't just come running home at the first weakness...we're  too far away!!

We came home and made dinner...Sam thoroughly enjoyed helping...even made her own pudding for dessert!! She asked a few times where he she she went to bed easily and didn't come out once!

DJ on the other hand called sat 8:45 Ind a freaking out...missing me, daddy, Sam, Snickers, Belle and the cats....made me laugh!!! He also wanted me to bring his music him hahaha! Oh and more stuffies...anything he could do to stall!! We hung up and he called back within 5 mins....this time to see when he was coming home. Oh its funny!! But that was the last call and I'm assuming he's doing well!!

Til next time...God bless!

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