Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!!

2012 is upon us!!!

If one was to judge the year based on how the first day was, I'm sittin pretty for the most part.

I woke up to a flashing clock, so I know the power was out at some point during the nite. Thankfully it came on 2 hours before I got up so I could shower and get ready for church properly! Not to mention have breakfast! Which was waiting for me in the oven.

Church was different as our pastor is on holidays and we had a piano playing singer do the whole service. It was okay....but I really do think new years eve and daylight savings need to marry as today would have been TZhE perfect day for an extra hour of sleep!

After church we went to Red Robin fit lunch which was delicious!!! Tired of burgers I opted for their clam chowder and salad lunch. Even the kids didn't order their normal stuff! We got home from church and I went to get changed, I come out of the bathroom and Howie's under the covers!! We both managed to get an hour's worth of a nap before kids found us!! Sweet!! He got up then and I got another hour! Til Belle found me courtesy of DJ! When I woke the second time, we had no power again. And it had been out for an hour already...since it was already 4, I started lighting candles just in case it didn't come back on before dark. Well it got dark fast!!! The kids enjoyed the candles but wouldn't leave our sides as it was too dark! We were just about to play cards when it came back on!! We played anyways and dad finally learned how to cheat the game! He threw it do I wouldn't win! Not nice at all and kinda pissed me off greatly!! After that we got dinner going and enjoyed some Mexican appetizers and sides. Topped off with a Krispy Kreme and it was all good!!

Once the kids were in bed at a fairly decent time, we sat down and watched Hangover II which was FUNNY!!! Comparable to the first which I think was funnier as it was so unexpectedly funny!! As Howie was going to bed, mom got up to make her and dad a Theraflu drink and the power goes out again! I'm now sitting here waiting for it to come back on do I can turn things off so I can go to bed.

To recap, 2012 will have lots of church, good food, naps, family, and funny moments!! I can dig that!! :)

Happy New Year to you!!!!

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