Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Hurtin Puppy

This morning was painful! I've decided that Tuesdays are the new Monday around here!! I know I should keep the kids on the same schedule EVERY day, but really, who does that!?!?! Not this sleep loving mom! As per DJ's request, I laid his clothes out for him and I have to say, other than the fact that I chose the wrong t-shirt (he wanted his Angry Birds one) it went pretty darn smoothly! I'll be doing that again!!! No more "help me pick my clothes out" battles!! Uniforms really can be a good thing! If

Since Sam and I had no plans for the day, we came right home from dropping him off...the earliest EVER too!!!!...and had our breakfast right away. Scratchy eggs for her, and an omelet for me! YUM! I've been having scratchy eggs for so long now, I'd forgotten! I kinda did it frittata style too...makin me drool just typing this out!! lol After we were done, I got to work on Avon...I'd done most of it yesterday, so that was helpful. In fact, I even managed to sit with Sam for a half hour til I got a phone call with a new order.

After lunch I bathed Sam as I knew I wouldn't be here tonite to do it...and I'd found a new hair style on Pinterest to try...and she LOVED it!!!! It was super easy too! I'd watched a video on twisty braids, but when I actually did it, I found a MUCH easier way to do it! The end result was just darling!!! Truly! And she oohed and ahh'd over it perfectly! Cracks me up! 

By the time we were done, it was time to get DJ from school...and since we got there just as he getting out, we didn't have time to play like I thought we when we got home, I got busy straight away making chili for dinner and then we took the dogs to the park for a romp. Both dogs were WORN out when we got home...and Belle's usually pristine white coat, was a muddy shade of brown! Got her cleaned up and then hopped in the shower. Ate a quick dinner with Howie and then headed to Everett for an Avon meeting. Good one too...small group of 8 of us and 2 leaders, so lots of ideas were bouncing around! Got home a bit later than normal, but Howie was still up and heading to bed. I got my chores done and sat down a spell to watch Fear Factor (I'll admit, I totally fast forwarded the eating section) and then Parenthood...wasn't much else on! Now I'm heading to bed early. Miss Belle has a strain in her front paw and I need to get her to bed so she will quit moving around...not that she's been moving much, but when she gets up she winces...I can hear it! Poor thing! Can you give puppies Advil??

Til next time...God bless!

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