Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Daze

We have been buried like no body's business!!!!! So far we've had an accumulation of 13.5 inches!!! And it's snowing again! Well, raining ice....which is much different than hail! Nope, back to snow!!

I literally can only see WHITE in any given direction!!! If I ever wondered what it was like to live in a snow globe, this week has given me my answer!!!! I can't see past the trees across the road as its foggy and WHITE!! And the shit keeps falling!!!! We're at teeny tiny flakes, which means its uber cold out there!!! Supposedly, we're supposed to get rain on Friday to melt it all which point we'll be on flood watch!! I don't see the thaw happening quite that fast myself, but I'm no meteorologist!!

I think we're on day 5 now of being stuck in the house...sure we can go outside, but we haven't been in town since Sunday! Howie's been using the truck which has 4wd to get to and from work...and last nite stayed there to be safer. He was prepared tho and has been living out of his shaving kit all week just to keep it packed and with him. School's been cancelled every day too....if it's open tomorrow, I doubt we'll get there anyways....our hills are all ice now....and I don't like our chances.

We're running low on foods, but thankfully we have LOTS of meats in the freezer...and canned goods!! Just not on the phase one approved list....the fresh foods are getting low. Haven't seen the fridge this empty in I don't know how long!! The biggest thing we're running low on is paper paper towel, tissues, napkins....we're good on toilet paper as I bought THE biggest package last time!

The main thing that scares me is how low we are on propane!! I really need to set a task on my phone to check the tanks more often than when its at ZERO!!! I checked last nite when the kids and I went for a walk and was shocked (but not really) that it was at zero! So now I have the space heaters going to conserve the gas...and we won't be doing laundry or bathing til Saturday when we're scheduled for a fill. No one to blame but myself really! If the power goes out tho, we're screwed!! I did have Howie light the pilot on the fireplace the last nite he was here just in case...I just checked, and it's still lit! Whew!

Now I'm off to entertain the children yet again....movies, games, painting....and refereeing!! We'll also head outside at some point today to wear off some energy! If I don't post again the power's out...or it's been out and just haven't started the computer back up...I've lost count of how many times I've reset the clocks....

Til next time...God bless!

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