Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Aftermath

Is so evident everywhere!!! The trees on Old Pipeline have been snapped in half like they were toothpicks! Its quite sad! But becuase it's winter and all the leaves are gone, you can see the half trees sticking up in the air. The evergreens got shook up pretty good too! The cemetary on the way to town is just littered with branches and debris from the incredibly tall trees. On my way into to town yesterday, I saw a pick up truck FULL with branches from one property, and they weren't done! We weren't hit that hard...the neighbours however, lost their rope swing branch! And that sucker was THICK too!!! All the kids are sad about it! Me too for that matter...hours of entertainment that rope swing gave!

Most of our snow is melted...and whatever is left is a muddy shade of brown! I miss the pretty whiteness..but that's about it! We are the evergreen state for a reason! The power however is not done showing its "power" (for a lack of better words!) as this morning as I'm getting Sam's hair done for church, the lights flickered, and then went out. Thankfully I was done my shower as we lost water pressure too...but that meant I coudn't make my breakfast and I sucked down the last shake in the house. And as I was getting my make up on, the propane guy showed up! What timing!!! So that made us late for church as the drive and the path to the tanks needed to be cleared and the driver wasn't gonna do it! But at least we have propane again (at a massive cost too...remind me not to let it get THAT low again!! OUCH!!!) and proper heat! I was told we may have to wait til Tuesday, so I'm very glad they fit us in today!

I was supposed to do Sam's class at church today, but they didn't need DJ and I went and sat down to wait for Howie...he wanted to clean up after the propane guy left. Pastor Dan had gall bladder surgery last Wednesday, and so he wasn't preaching of the elders did....I found it hard to concentrate on him as he was a monotonous speaker...but I did enjoy the old school hymns we sang! DJ took a cat nap for the last 10 mins of service...crazy kid! The kids went home with Howie and I carried on to Bothell for an Avon leadership meeting. I brought my lunch with me as I knew a coffe joint wasn't gonna have salad! lol

The meeting lasted way longer than I anticipated, and I didn't get out of there til after 3...and I still had to hit up Costco! I've decided, if you can find a parking spot rather quickly, it's not that bad inside!! And I found one with in 3 minutes of pulling in! Not too shabby!! Plus, it helped that the football playoffs were happening at the same time!! That was the real trick!! I found some Vitamin D to start taking....and a pretty good dose too...I'm excited to add it to my daily routine as I know that's something I seriously lacked last year in winter!

I got home and we started dinner right away....lovely pork chops, broccoli and cauliflower...delish! DJ added salad to his and gobbled it right up! After dinner they had fruit for dessert and still wanted more! Their hollow legs are showing again! Of course, they didn't get anything more! They went to bed well as they'd been outside with Howie earlier this afternoon and were tired! Howie too for that matter! As soon as he was done his fudgesicle, he went to bed!! I watched Once Upon a Time and Desperate Housewives....both in top form tonite! I also finished my first ever fair isle (knit with two colours) hat! LOVE it! Here's hoping DJ does! :)

Looks like I forgot to post this...oops!

Til next time...God bless!

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