Sunday, December 18, 2011

Almost time!!

This time tomorrow nite I'll have my parents HERE!!!!!!! Of course, the kids think they've got another sleep to go...their flight doesn't get in til 8, and I don't want kids up til we get home...gonna be enough confusion with just us!

Yesterday I was exhausted!!!! Fell asleep watching Grimm and when I woke, went right to bed! I was so tired I forgot to put my mouthpiece in! It all started with going on a field trip with DJ....he rode with me, and we had one other boy with us from his class. It was SO funny to listen to them chatting in the back. We watched the Nutcracker at the Edmonds Arts Center. Now, I've never seen any production of this show, so I really had no clue what to expect or what the story is....I have to ask...WHAT was she smoking to get dreams like that!?!?!? The mice part totally threw me off!! My fave part was the snowflake dance...and apparently, we saw a chopped up version as it was only an hour long.  Either way, if I don't see it again, I'll live!!

While we were off doing that, Sam was at Delaney's house having a play date...and loving every minute of it! Altho, when I got there, she was more than ready to leave! Shanno told me it was free fry Friday at Burger King, but I wasn't interested....until I learned I had recess duty!!! Oops!! At this point it's just after the time we got home, take care of Belle and eat, we'd have to turn around and leave to go back to school. So we went to Burger King!!!! She and I ate for a whopping 2.83!!! And when she was done, she enjoyed their play area! We washed up and left for the school...with a pit stop at the mechanic as the car was making a ticking noise that was bothersome!! (turns out its the phone being too close to the radio and it picks up the cell signal!! d'oh!)

Recess duty was fun....been a long time since I've done it! Beautiful day in the upper 40's too! Once the kids were all back inside, Sam and I went and had the party with DJ's class...glue/glitter art, snacks, and a movie! Good times! Then we headed home to let Belle out!! Poor thing! But, we weren't done for the day!!! Oh no...we had an early dinner and then headed to my friend Amber's house to teach her, Shannon and Rachael how to make caramel corn. They all LOVED the stuff I gave them as a gift and Amber really wanted to learn how to make it!! We ended up doing 2 batches, and I left while the second one was cooking. The kids both fell asleep on the way home within minutes!!

This morning Howie was off fishing and DJ didn't wake up til 8:30!!! SO nice!!! Then he let Belle out of her crate and it was go, go, GO! We were just finishing up breakfast when Howie came home...WITH  a fish!!!! Too bad we couldn't eat it for dinner as we had plans, so in the freezer it went! Then Howie did up some more lights outside...and I cleaned windows...even did the inside of the truck...WOW why haven't I don't that before with the Norwex cloth!?!!? What kind of rep am I!?!?! lol Truly amazing the difference!!

At 3:30, after the burgers for dinner were made, the kids and I took the dogs to the park for a romp...which was short as we promptly lost the ball in the ivy...even Snickers couldn't find it! And Belle is not fond of the ivy at all! Quite funny to see her hopping around in it. When we got home, Howie was showered and ready to I went and got ready while he got the bbq ready for grilling. The kids fought about eating their dinner...even tho they were starving!!! As the finished, Sarah arrived and Howie and I left for Snoqualmie.

If you remember, my first concert of the year, January 6th, was Jerrod acoustic set with a local radio station. Well, tonite, a different station (my fave actually) had their annual Ho Ho Ho Down and he was the main attraction. Thompson Square was his opening act and I enjoyed them!! I knew two of their songs, but enjoyed them nonetheless. Jerrod rocked it tho!!!!! Now, my concert buddies, Pearl and Denise were there, and went much earlier than we did...but they saved us a spot up at the soon as Howie saw that, he said he was sitting and I could stand. Turns out, he stuck around for Jerrod's first couple songs and then wandered the casino....also said, that this was the last time he was concerting with me!!! lol  He doesn't enjoy it the way I do! Hey, I got two guitar picks!!! I rocked!!!! Well, I got 3, but gave my second Jerrod one away.

Now, we're home, I've snacked on some peanut butter toast as I was positively starving!! and I can hear my pillows calling

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. Yay! Almost time! So cool they are coming. Really means Christmas is almost here. I almost exclusively read and comment on blogs using my iPhone. I love it!!


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