Friday, December 16, 2011

If I thought yesterday was busy

Oh today was twice as much so!!!!

Dropped DJ off late again, but this time it was all my fault as I'd forgotten my hearing aid and realized it half aZy to school....and since one of my stops of the day was to get it cleaned then it was kinda sorta important!! So he ended up being 14 minutes late...poor kid, good thing he doesn't understand it all yet. On top of that, I had an auction meeting with the bookkeeper. So she and I chatted for a good half hour and she answered a tonne of questions for me and gave me a berg valuable resource binder.

Then we took off Avoning....first to the hearing aid place and while I was busy chatting Samantha used their bathroom and my hearing aid was off gettin a deep clean...MUCH needed too!! I was at full volume from the get go and that's not good!! Then we went and met two new clients and dropped their orders off. Love new people!! Andi love how excited they get to see me with their bags of goodies!!

In total we made 18 stops!! I miss was nice to have 8 of my clients in one spot to deliver too !! We ate our lunch on the go. Samantha fought a nap, and was doing good til just when I thought she'd drifted off when Rudolph came on the radio snd perked her right up! She did eventually succumb to the nap for s bit.

We made it in time to get DJ picked up and the had 4 more stops before getting home finally. Belle was more than happy too see me too!! Got her taken care of and then put Rudolph on for the freshly washed children. Dinner was simple too...scratchy eggs (fried, sunny side up) and waffles for DJ.

They went to bed shortly after 8:30....and I was actually sitting and relaxing before 9 pm. What a treat!?

Now I'm fading between

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  1. Avon is a full-time job! You stay busy, busy. I'm almost glad I have a desk job. :-) Except for the desk tush....that's not so great.


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