Friday, December 2, 2011

Who's bright idea was that!?!?!

To set the second alarm...MINE!!!!!! ALL mine!! And it worked!!! Well, sorta...I woke up at 7 with no children in my bed (unusual!!) and within seconds of the alarm going off, DJ came in and bugged me til the second alarm went off, and then I got up and got dressed while he fiddle farted around on my bed thinking he was being funny!

This morning we had to drive the kids to our church for their dress that's an extra 5 mins to the drive time this morning...but we got there at 8:24....and really, with kids EVERYWHERE, you'd never know who was late and who wasn't!! We hung around for a half hour and then left...I didn't want to see the performance before seeing "the" performance! So instead, Sam and I hung around town (read: mostly in the truck) and went to Freddy's to get 300 more lights for the tree, use their bathroom, and then head back to the church. I'd volunteered to drive kids back to school (read the title!)

I'd also volunteered to take a run for someone else in the Gleaners, and there was actually pizza to be picked we headed there after dropping the kids off. Then headed to the shed to drop it off, and then home for lunch. K and C came over to play with Sam for a bit...and she grudgingly got off the computer...she LOVES all the songs she's finding in Starfall! And she  makes me listen to them whenever she finds a new one too! While they were playing, I got the lights going....or tried to...two of the 3 strands were half out....grrrrrr.

K came with us to get DJ....and it was as I was getting ready to hang the wreath, that I realized I'd ordered the completely WRONG thing! I'd ordered garland, not a wreath! ACK! I called the school and they had extras, so I could swap them out easy...whew!!! Loaded them in the truck with the kids and off we went. Got DJ, did the swap and headed for home. Just as I crossed hwy 2, I got a phone call...I pull over to take it and it's a new Avon customer...and she'd like a new book...and she lives off Old Owen (the road I'm on!!!!!) so I get directions and we head there straight away! Quiet little neighbourhood I'd have never seen unless I knew it was there! Massive sized houses on decent sized property!!! The only thing missing was trees!!!

We got home and K came in to play for a bit....I got Sam in the bath. K went home just as Howie was coming in the house from work. I got Sam all done in the bath and while DJ was playing gave her an upside down braid!!!!! I'd seen a picture on Pintrest and it sparked my creativity! I showed her the picture and she let me do it...not without tears's hard at 3 to hold your head upside down while having your hair yanked on! But OMG was it gorgeous!!!!!! At first I did a high pony with the hair at the top...she HATED it...and then I did the "her hair" bow and it was awesome!! Didn't pin it as it wasn't for real, but DARLING!!!! Again, she hated it, yet loved looking at it in the mirror!

After dinner we decorated the tree (read the title again!!) and the kids helped (and again!) but since the top third of the tree is still dark, and the kids can't reach that high anyways, they only decorated what they could...and what a fun time that was!!! ha! Most of the ornaments are grouped together...and I tried explaining how not to do that, but it fell on deaf children!! Not literally, but quite figuratively! Then since it was almost 8, we did the teeth thing and read two stories before bed. I then had a crying jag putting the kids to bed....I'm having a hard time with Sam wanting to be 4...I just love her at this age!!! And DJ at this age too!! They both thought I was weird to be crying, and Sam just kept hugging me and kissing me. DJ didn't know what to do! lol typical male!

Oh, I have to tell you what Samantha did this morning that broke my heart! We're walking thru Freddy's and she's lagging behind me, I turn around to see her and she's got her right hand in her coat sleeve, and her left one is out...but the look on her face was very telling (she'll never do well at poker) and I asked her where her hand was...she lifted up the sleeve and sad, "in here" and so I asked her to show me her hand, and out popped this little fist holding a chapstick. "I just wanted it!" was her reason! So we talked about stealing, and how it's a sin, and she put it right back! Here's hoping the lesson sticks!!!! OY!!

Ok, back to my evening...X Factor totally blew it tonite!!!! Marcus should have gone home...but instead they sent Drew! Just a bad decision all around!! I thought it was America's choice, but I guess they just choose the bottom 2 and the judges do the rest. Interesting! I only caught the last 5 minutes of it what with putting kids to bed and getting coffee ready for tomorrow. Howie went to bed and I left it on that channel and caught my first ever Bones episode...or rather, half of it as the tv switched to record Whitney and I was already recording CMA I watched that instead and thoroughly enjoyed the heck outta all the songs!!! Amy Grant and Faith Hill gave me chills!!!! And Little Big Town rocked it on the vocals!!! Loved all of it...well, except for Rascal Flatts...just don't care for them!! :x  Then I watched Whitney and it was hysterical!!! If you haven't seen this show, do check it out!!! I was lol'ing literally so much!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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