Friday, December 9, 2011

Going, going GONE!!!

This morning we hustled buns to get to school on time....more so for me than for DJ...and we got there with 5 minutes to spare....but I'm beginning to think the schools' clock runs fast...they were doing announcements almost as soon as we got in the office!! It didn't take us that long to walk in either! So Sam and I waited til they were all done and the tardy slips had all been handed out....there was one kid who was going for gold and this was his 4th tardy slip of the week...and there's no school tomorrow...yikes!! Most were because of the train tho....they have a brutal schedule!!

About 8:45 we were finally seen by the principal and, it was nothing bad....I've agreed to take on the position of running the auction, so today was the first informational meeting and my assignment is now to write up a blurb introducing myself and it'll go in next week's Knightly News. OH, and they told me to use that'll be a problem!!! ha! The whole meeting lasted a half hour and we've set up another one for next week and I should have concrete names and numbers of people who will be helping me well as a budgetary plan. I've got 5 thousand to use, and it gets tight I'm told! They haven't met Missy Budget Hughes yet!! I'll show 'em! I hope!

When we got home I brought a muddy Belle in from outside...she refused to go potty this morning before we left and I didn't have any more time to waste waiting on her, so I put her on the trolley while we were gone so I wouldn't have a shitty mess to come home to...literally! Instead I had a black pawed dog who'd been digging when she shouldn't have been...but bored puppies do that! OY!! Got her cleaned up and then both of them fed. I also kept on with the laundry and conquered Mount Washmore! The last load is in the dryer! All has been put away except for that load and one of the kids' loads...not too shabby!!!

The day whisked away from us...C came over to play with SamSam again, even tho she's been a pill all day, she perks up when she has someone to play with. I got more of the counter crap dealt with and planned a dinner for us...cheesy pesto chicken, butternut squash and broccoli!  We took off at 2:40 to get DJ from school and made an unscheduled stop at the gas station as Miss Samantha could not possibly hold it one more minute apparently!! AND she'd gone right before we left the house!! Talk about tiny bladder! Yowza!

We got home and DJ went in search of the boys to play with...after a while outside, they all came over here and played....I'd already had Sam in the bath and was washing her when they came in. Got her done and then bathed DJ while she played with the boys....then I came out of the bathroom and it's pitch black in our house...they're playing hide and seek in the dark!! With flashlights no less! Yeah, not happening! Even got a call from Lara asking if the kids were still here as it was so dark in our house....ha! They continued to play while I got dinner going and waited on Howie to come home. He left work an hour late, but made it in good time traffic wise!

After dinner it was my turn to get cleaned up...since the kids were already in their jammies, it was one less thing to worry about. When I got out we brushed teeth right away, read a couple books and tucked them in without a fight! Love that! I sat down and watched the last 15 minutes of X Factor and wasn't that surprised that Rachel was voted off....I really think Melanie will win the whole thing! Just a hunch. Then Howie went to bed and I got his lunch ready for tomorrow....yesterday I forgot....I made the salad, but forgot to add the rest of it to his lunch area in the fridge...good thing its all right there for him to grab easy! 

I then watched BBT which was funny!!!! And yet real, about bullies and when they grow up! Then Rules of Engagement, which is just a filler really...funny, but in a "groan" kind of way. Whitney tho was hilarious!!!  And since the regular programming is on holidays, I watched Revenge from last nite and enjoyed it. Then I dozed off....DJ joined me in my chair...we dozed together for a half hour and then I sent him back to bed. Now I'm off to join him in la la land!

Til next time...God bless!

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