Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blogging from bed

Sure has its perks!!! It's warm. It's comfortable. It's warm. It's dark. It's warm. Seeing the pattern here?? I don't think I've been this cold since j moved here 9 years ago!!! It's bone chilling cold!! This morning after we dropped DJ off at school, Sam and I headed to Freddy's to get some more butter and brown sugar for more caramel corn. Plus we needed a couple other things. Then we headed back home to eat breakfast. The first batch went in at 10:30! Pretty impressive if you ask me...and I know you were!!

Samantha was cold too and was snuggling in Howie's chair with a blanket on here to get warm. Having the oven on sure helped me!! Second batch went in at 11:45 and I made us lunch while it was in its last 15 minute segment. Third batch went in at 1 and I was feelin pretty proud of myself!! I even got the dishes in the dishwasher!! The last batch was done at 2 and while it cooled I went and got ready to go get DJ from school. Whew!! I was kinda sad to turn the oven off truth be told...

We got back and the kids tried to go next door with no luck as they werent home. Drats!!! I wanted a power nod!! Instead I got to sit with SamSam and watch Dora... Shortly after 4 tho I hopped in the shower to get ready to go to an Avon party. Howie came home and he put on a Christmas movie and we watched til I had to leave.

The party was at a Chinese buffet place. Had a lot of fun too!! It Wa a short meeting playing bingo and drawing names. I got some good stuff!!! With it ending early I got home far earlier than expected....Howie was still up...not for long tho. I got busy with my chores and got to go finally sit at 10:30.

I watched Glee and loved it!!
ESP the nod to the Sound of music!! Then New Girl was hilarious!!! And Raising Hope was pleased too!! Both were festive!!

Ok my eyes are drooping shut...sorry of there were any typos...

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