Saturday, December 10, 2011


This morning since DJ didn't have school I got to sleep in til Howie needed to starts getting ready for work So lovely!!! And warm!!! And quiet, he took Belle with him! I got up and made us some eggs...the kids pretended to be hobbits and have a second breakfast....they each wanted an egg with us. I haven't done 8 eggs fried before, and won't be doing that many at a time again!! Wow! DJ didn't Luke his as the yolk was cooked....SamSam ate all the whites but not the yellow. At least she ate something. Howie left as soon as he was done eating.

I then tethered myself to the computer as it was an Avon morning!! In order to get it before Christmas, today as the day! I'd sent out emails, text messages and a few phone calls...the started coming in too!! I got an email at 11:58 from a new client...and it made me I released the tension, fed the kids, got another order and finally submitted by 12:45. I hate being late!!!

I ate my lunch and continued being a referee!! I swear!! One of the new clients I was on the phone with thot I ran a daycare...yikes! I finally spent some more time working on the Christmas cards I've been putting off. Especially the Canadian ones!! So I worked on them first!!

Belle was being such a pill I put her on the trolley and let her be. Thankfully the sun was shining and it was cold and dry. About 4 we coated up and took the dogs to the park. They ran and chased each other with glee!! It got dark SO fast I couldn't even see the ball I was throwing...but they kept on bringing it back to me!! After a half hour we headed got colder with the darkness.

Dinner was leftover sketti, well first time for me!! It was delicious too!! Then the antsy waiting started for DJ...we invited K to sleep over and they weren't home yet. So while we waited I got started on some caramel corn. I learned a very valuable lesson...dark brown sugar does NOT melt like light does!!! And it didn't melt properly to coat all the popcorn. Still tasty, just different!! K finally came and my two went a lil crazy!! He went home to get his dinner and brought it back to eat here. When they were dine I put in Frist the Snowman which was recording tonite. They finally were quiet!!

Howie came home and ate dinner and went to bed before the kids!! Samantha was next and went right to sleep. The boys were a bit tougher!! They took a food half hour, if not longer to settle. Both had to pee...both needed water...both tattles on the other...such fun!! Finally they got quiet and I got to watch tv!! Nothing good on tonite, so I relied on the DVR....Psych and then Eureka. Psych was funny!!!! And Eureka was different. Now I'm worn out and should get to bed!!

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