Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The main reason I blog

Is in my house!! So my posts will more than likely defy the name of this blog....I apologize, yet I don't...I'm loving every minute with my fairies, as I lovingly call them!! We all feel spoiled with them around!! And I love hearing my children express their love in return!

The surprise of them already being here was ruined by the kids themselves!!! For the first time in FOREVER the kids went downstairs to play soccer....and somehow they discovered grandma and poppa!! Samantha came up to inform me that they were here...as if I didn't already know!! It was cute! So we all had breakfast together before starting our day. Howie was off fishing and caught another one today!! He's 2 for 2 so far on this vacay, not too shabby!!

Our afternoon was full of naps, outdoor playing for the kids, showers, and nibbles! Then we had dinner in town at dad's FAVE place to eat...teriyaki!! Then we headed to Warm Beach for their Christmas Lights display. Sadly something we'll never go and do again.

The drive into the place took 45 minutes and just to get OUT of the parking lot was an hour!! That's insane!!! The lights themselves were great to look at!! The kids got to ride actual ponies and LOVED it!!! Samantha was hesitant but once on she giggled her way around the track. DJ wanted a black horse and got the only one there...frankincense, Frank for short! Samantha had Buttons. We didn't get the warm donuts snd hit chocolate like we wanted as the lines were ridiculous!!! Nor did we get to ride the Polar Express train...the kids did exceptional too!!!

By the time we got home kids were in bed. They both had their jammies on under their clothes. So helpful!! M and I sat up talking for a good 90 minutes and I got some serious family history lessons!! Now I'm in bed, as is everyone else, and ready to roll over and sleep!!

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