Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ok I lied

I thought I'd take tonite off from blogging, but we got home early enough and I'm still sober, so what the heck!!

This morning the kids were up well before, WHY is it that they can wake up that early on a Saturday, but not on a school day!?!?!? Rascals!!! I'd left them sippy cups, but I had to come out and turn the tv on as we couldn't find the remote for it...and then they let me be for another hour which was nice.

Especially since I had cat puke to deal with in our bathroom when I got poop to deal with in her crate (this is the third time!) and Sam peeing on the floor...all before breakfast too!!!! Aren't I a lucky mom!!! *rolls eyes* By the time I got around to making MY breakfast (I swear I'm a short order cook sometimes!) Howie was home and ate with me. Then Sam and I got ready to go go go!

She had been invited to her first birthday party!!!!! Delaney, from our dance class, turned 3 last week and today was her party....a dress up party!! Sam picked out the gift for her, and I'd made a skirt for her, and off we went. There were 13 girls there and they were all over the place! Sam played mostly by herself, and picked toys that no one else wanted....she did good! Ate her whole lunch that they had and then insisted that Delaney open her gift first!!!! It was cute!!  Then after the gifts were opened, she came and said she was upset they hadn't dressed up I told her to go find a dress and put it on...she came back down as Tinkerbell...DARLING!!!! She played for another half hour and came and told me she was we left a half hour early, but it was good! No sense making her stay when clearly she's done! She was in love with her goody bag too! A small mirror, chapstick and a ring!

Meanwhile, the boys were at home decorating the outside of the house!!! YAY for lights!!! They were also eating their lunch, and since Sam had already eaten, she just stayed outside and played. I came in and did the dishes, froze the soup and had a bowl, and then started getting ready for Howie's work's Christmas party. Good thing I started early too as my hair went freaky on me and it took some convincing (a flat iron AND a curling iron) to make it do what I wanted it to do!! Frustrating!!! Sarah came at 4:30 and it was very close to 5 when we actually left!

Dinner was already being served buffet style, which was new and far better a method!! Instead of gobs of people all eating at one time, the lines were easy to deal with! When you have 1000 people all in one room, it gets tricky!! I did good with my choices too!! The prime rib was fantastic! As was the smoked salmon...and the fresh fruit was DELISH!!! After all the speeches and videos and trips given out, we all headed upstairs for the second half of the nite! They had caricature artists (I think I counted 6 of them) all with lines, so I picked one...great pic of us!! They had the formal picture room...a craft room...a karaoke/pool table room...and a poker/blackjack room. Once our caricature was done, Howie went and played poker while my g/f Tiffany and I did the picture room like we did last year. Then we headed to the craft room...I wanted to do the hand in wax thing...but after waiting in line and barely moving for 25 minutes, we decided to make candles instead! Beeswax ones. They also had loose tea and you could make your own flavoured teas...not my style to do loose teas, but it smelled great!!!

On our way to finding the boys, we found dessert...I had some apple cranberry cobbler and a half scoop of ice cream...heavenly!!!! I've decided not to stress about my eating over the holidays and come January 2nd I'm going back on phase one! I won't indulge, but I won't deprive myself either!!! And I've found this AWESOME app called Lose It that is a calorie scan the food in you're eating and it automatically knows how many calories!! SO awesome!!!! And it remembers your foods, which is handy!!

About 10:45 we bid everyone goodbye and headed for home...I drove as Howie'd had a few, and he slept the whole way practically anyways....he'd gone fishing this morning and was very tired!! Got home about 11:30 and sent Sarah on her way home. Howie went to bed and I'm blogging...I've already done the make up off an washed my face...might try doing that earlier every nite now helpful!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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