Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You're a mean one

Mr Grinch!!

Well, last nite was NOT stellar by any means! I woke up at 5:08 in the chair with DJ, and my glasses still on...and since I smelled coffee brewing, we got up and went to bed!! OH what a glorious feeling that was!!!!! Not sure I was awake enough to full enjoy it as I was asleep pretty fast again! This time with the glasses off!  Thankfully it was after 8 when DJ woke for the day...and Sam was right behind him! Stupidly, the tv wasn't left on their channel and DJ hasn't quite mastered hitting 1-1-8 to get Sprout...so the entertained themselves on the computer...which was loud enough for me to sing along...oy!

I languished in bed as long as possible checking stuff out on my phone...they both came to visit me and we talked about what we were going to do today...how many more sleeps til Grandma and Poppa were here....how many more sleeps til santa comes....and chitchat stuff. Then I got up and made us all breakfast! Since they weren't motivated enough to get their clothes on, we kinda took it easy for the morning. I did send them downstairs to get the toys picked up so I could vacuum before my parents come....and while they were doing that I made another batch of carmel corn...this is number 4 if you're counting! Sheesh!! I've used up all the butter that was left over from February when we started South Beach...need more as I want to make 2 more batches of the stuff.

Then the kids got dressed and we headed out to the shed to do the books...man was it cold out!!!! I keep hearing something about "frozen fog" in our weather...it's been extremely foggy the past couple weeks....so much so, it hasn't cleared up for entire days!!! It's palpable! So as it's hanging there, its freezing in the air and falling on the ground...or something bizarre like that! How does one dress for freezing fog!?!? lol

We got back and had lunch...then baths...and then the gingerbread house was to be done! Promises were made and I kept them!!! Thankfully I'd bought a pre-made house!! I didn't realize that til the other day and was ever so pleased with myself!!! I mean, really, who can get that thing to stay put in the right position and let it dry before decorating! Thank you middle man!!! We had fun tho!! I took pix, but haven't uploaded them...I know, I still owe Halloween pix...I'm bad! That's why that 365 blog suffered....yeah....lol

About 3:45 we headed to the park to run Belle's energy off...and Snickers too for that matter!! K joined us and the 3 of them had a good time playing around while the dogs chased each other...I could only handle a half hour as I was freezing in the fog!!!! Michaela came with C and stayed with the kids while I took the dogs home. That was a pleasant 15 minutes til Howie got home from work. So we chit chatted and they came home about 5 just like little popsicles!! DJ's nose has been running clear all day, so that's a good sign! And tonite he's only woken once and went back to bed fairly easily.

After dinner we watched movies...I started off with The Grinch (the animated version) and the kids both told me it was too scary as they'd tried to watch it last nite...so with me sitting with them, we found funny things to laugh at while watching it...and they learned that its not scary at all! The music is a lil on the scary side, but we hugged that out. Then they watched Goofy Christmas instead of getting books in bed...works fine for me!!

Once they were in bed, Howie and I put on Fear Factor...IT'S BAAAACK!!! Been off the air for about 4 years now, and its back with a vengeance!!! Tonite there was two episodes, so Howie and I watched the first one together....there really isn't enough money in the world to make me do the eating stunts....just grosses me out!! And the second one was no better!!!! Also, how on earth do some of those stunts only take 5 minutes!!?!?!? They look exhausting!!!! Howie went to bed after the first one and I watched my regular Monday sitcoms...2 Broke Girls is just the funniest!!!! 2.5 Men was okay...kinda lame really. And Mike & Molly was hilarious!

I'm off to bed now that DJ has made his nightly appearance...please God let him stay in his own bed!

Til next time...God bless!

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