Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hump Day equals Busy Day!!!

This morning the double alarm did its magic again...the second alarm must be loud enough and disturbing enough that it wakes Sam up...she came strolling in seconds after it went off. She climbed up and I took the liberty of snuggling with her for 2 minutes. She was COLD!!!! The kids had a portable breakfast, and I ate a bowl of cereal before we headed out the door to school....with far too much  yelling going on....then I get out to the truck, and Sam's not buckled and they're fighting about something...GRRRRR Usually, DJ will buckle Sam in while I'm grabbing back packs, sippy cups, breakfast, my own stuff and making sure the house is locked up...its one thing I don't have to worry about. But today, he was a pill and she wasn't even sitting her seat!!

Needless to say, it was 8:30 on the dot when we pulled in to the circle at the school. Thankfully we weren't the last ones to arrive...there was a car ahead and behind me...and one more whipping in when I was trying to get out. Our next stop was SVEC to drop off books...only 8 boxes worth...only...ha! Still takes me a bit to sort them and organize them...and double check the titles/pictures to make sure I don't offend anyone (stupid rule!) and I found 3 that would be slightly inappropriate. Sam enjoyed playing with Zane (does that name throw ya for a loop or what!?!?) while I was busy and then hopped on the cart for a ride back to the office with  me.

Since we had no other plans, we headed to the pharmacy to refill their vitamins...then to the dance center to wait our class. I dozed for a half hour while Sam played Angry Birds and watched Bob the Builder. Then we headed in and got her changed and ready for class. I was slightly inclined to skip this month since there are only 2 classes but we have to pay for the full month...not sure that's even fair really...if it happens again, I will skip!

After class we headed to Goodwill to drop off the 3 boxes of encyclopedias, and those questionable books, and then to Papa Murphy's for a pizza pick was the highest record for pizza EVER!!!! I picked up 63 pizzas!!! But not all of them were fact, 47 of them were just the dough ready to be made into pizza!! Gotta love it! They've never given us just dough before, but I'm sure there will be a few families that will like it! I took 4....and I'll freeze them for those times when there are no pizza to pick up!

Finally we headed, Sam has turned into this whiny and pouty little girl in the time it took me to unload...I almost wished she'd fallen asleep in the 6 minute ride home...but she was chewing gum and wide awake. While I was making us lunch I told her she and I were going to have a snuggle time so she could regroup...she liked that. Then while we were eating, there was a knock at the door and C wanted to come in and he did and waited for Sam to  be done eating. They played for an hour and then he went home...she tried to go with him, but came right back home. So we snuggled finally. She'd just fallen asleep in Howie's chair when DJ came home...and being the mean big brother he can be, pulled her pony tail as he walked by her and woke her right up!! So awful!! The beast that was my three year old woke up even more beastly!! There was no calming her either...nor did she fall back to sleep. ARGH!!!

Instead we fed her....teriyaki for dinner and she gobbled it right up!!!! I wasn't sure she'd eat the rice I gave her as it looked to be a lot...oh no, she ate that first!! Then we were in the truck and on the way to Awana....reciting verses as we go! We also listened to a new Christmas cd I got from the singing along, the kids looking out the window. Tonite may have been the last nite for our secretary....she and her family have chosen to leave the church (it's been a 2 year process) and therefore won't be our secretary saddens me as she's taught me my position for to surprise me, she made  me a lovely loaf of pumpkin bread...oh it smelled divine and I instantly started drooling!!!! Give me a knife!!! The nite went smoothly and I was all done before 8 and got to watch DJ do his game time. Its fun to watch him interact and play the games.

Then we headed home and they went straight to bed!!! I got to sit with Howie for all of 15 minutes tonite before he went to bed. He capitalized on our absence and vacuumed the upstairs....and the stairs, which now that there's no carpet in the living room, show the most dirt. When he was gone to bed I watched tv...but was in no mood to knit for whatever reason....instead I had a lap dog and she slept peacefully! Oh and I did try that pumpkin bread....OH MY GOSH!!!! So awesome!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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