Monday, December 12, 2011

Mr. Scrooge Hughes

This weekend has flown by!! I haven't much time as I'm on the phone and have a sleeping DJ on me. He's suffering from a sinus infection I managed to avoid last week...and he's miserable and pitiful!! He's woken twice already tonite which is how we ended up in my chair. He's got yellow from his eyes, nose and throat. Gave him some meds and I hope that they let him sleep well. I know I won't...

Yesterday was quiet as we stuck close to home. Howie got the last of the lights up and they look awesome!!! But come time to head to church for the Country Christmas parade and Scrooge made his appearance. So SamSam and I headed into town to drop off the desserts I'd signed up for. Then we paid Ben a visit and I used my last gift certificate up. Found some Angry Birds Gummies for the kids too. Then we stopped at the dollar store to get freezer bags for the 20 lbs of ground beef we got. Then home to make and eat dinner. DJ didn't eat as his "neck" hurt...aka his throat. Plus he was mildly fevered.

As everyone was watching a movie I headed to Panera to do the run. Back home after 10 and I watched a corny Christmas movie.

This morning I was informed we weren't going to church so I stayed in bed til 10!!! So nice!!! Since we had no plans we all puttered Howie outside and me in the kitchen. Jake came over and had a lunch visit. We all enjoyed that!! He left at 4 for work.

We had a yummy dinner and then I took a shower. But before I got in, locked the door and did a gift inventory. I do believe, with the exception of Jake, I'm done!!!! Let the wrapping begin!! So once everyone was tucked in, I did just that!!

Now I'm gonna try and sleep a bit before Howie gets up for work. Oh joy!!

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