Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Fell Swoop

This morning the back up alarm proved WHY it's the back up alarm!!! Plus it's the old school phone sound, you can NOT sleep thru that sucker!!!! DJ was glued to me and so I woke him trying to shut it off...and then we both got up. You see, after dropping DJ off at school, Sam and I had plans to visit Freddy...and get that shopping stuff done!!!

The only good thing about grocery shopping at 8:30 in the the parking spots that are available....the ONLY thing!!! ha! Sam started off walking, but was scolded for touching stuff and then she asked to be in the seat...I happily obliged!!! When we got to the toy section tho, I let her loose so I could get the last santa gift...she wants a crown and DJ wants a black Angry I snuck them both into the grocery bag under the cart while she wasn't looking...and I got her a pair of dress up shoes too! Her last ones were abused by the teething puppy.

After Fred we went to costco to do that shopping bit....could have easily spent WAY more than the budget allowed, but had to reign it in. I'm in "company's coming for Christmas" mode and see things I know we'll need for dinner on the day. We got outta there relatively easy...going there in the morning is ALWAYS a good thing...Sam was bummed there were no samples of anything anywhere!!! She knows! They don't get started til 11 and it was just that when we left!

We got home about noon and I dealt with Belle before putting the goods away, and then getting our lunch. After lunch I got busy making sketti sauce for dinner as I wasn't going to be here and Howie wanted something easy to make. That's easy! I also made the first batch of caramel corn for the season...that was a test for darn sure!!! Oh it smelled heavenly...but in the end, the sketti won out and I don't think Howie even noticed I'd made it...he will if he reads this blog...oops! lol

Sam and I left to get DJ and she fell asleep on me, got him picked up and then we headed to Alfy's for an Avon meeting...but when we pulled into the driveway, we turned right around...I'd forgotten to bring the demos with me to return them to the we drove back to get them and then came back to town. We were just getting settled when Howie walked in to take the kids home...YAY!! So I stuck around for the regular meeting and earned myself a few prizes!! Even stocking stuffers for the kids!! The meeting was uber short and I had time to stop at the dollar store and get the very last of the stocking stuffer stuff...and that's it! I'm done!!! Well, maybe not for Jake's stocking...I need to do a trial run and see how full they are! I should start wrapping too!

I got home in time to put the kids to bed and then sit and watch a bit of tv with Howie before he went to bed...then I watched Glee and of course, LOVED it! I've missed Sam! And "Red Solo Cup" has been stuck in my head since last nite!!! How fitting to have them sing it tonite! As I watching the fuse blew I have to decide between pretty lights on the tree, or having the heater on at my feet...the heater wins! Get everything back up and running and watch New Girl...which if they keep Justin Long on, I might keep watching it. Raising Hope was creepy and weird...still funny...sorta. Then I watched Castle from last nite as there was no Parenthood tonite. Man, that was a scary Castle too!! Dang!!! Probably should have watched it first and then the happy ha ha stuff after it!  In any case, the lunches are made, and coffee's last pee for Belle and we're off to bed!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. Are you watching Survivor? This year is sooo crazy. I don't know what these people are thinking!

    Settings. General. Keyboard. Then add Emoji keyboard. I think that is what she did.

    I have an award for you on my bloggie. Mwah!


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