Thursday, December 15, 2011

The "Last of's" have begun

The last of 2011 that is!!

This morning I failed the back up alarm and embraced the lateness...

First alarm went off at 7 and I shut it off knowing the back up alarm was engaged. At 7:15 it went off and I shit it off. Set the phone down and next thing I knew it was 7:41!!!! SO not cool that the best sleep I got was between 7:15 and 7:41... Not cool at all!! So instead of having a conniption about it, I just went about our morning calmly...if we were gonna be tardy, be seriously tardy!! Oh and we were!!! We rolled jn at 8:44....which realistically to get 3 people up, dressed, fed, dogs taken care of, and cats fed, AND a 20 minute ride....its pretty damn impressive to do in an hour!!!

From the school we went to SVEC to drop books. It was sparse for people what with the holidays coming. But we got outta there in record time. Then we went to the last ballet class of 2011...but waited an hour in the parking lot for class. Samantha has Alvin on and was happy. I just played Angry Birds.

After class we picked up the 4 pizzas waiting for us and headed to the shed before heading home for lunch. My Avon was waiting for me on the front porch do as soon as I was done eating I got down to business. It didn't look like much, but there were so many small items it took me 2 hours to break it all down. Then I got busy making the 7th batch of caramel corn on the go before doing the sketti sauce for dinner. Samantha was my lil helper with dinner and dishes!!

DJ finally got home st 4:30 and came in the house long enough to per and then he was out the door to play. SamSam followed him to the tee.

Dinner was a struggle for DJ who'd had a muffin after school...what a fight!! In the end it made us late for Awana. Everyone was in a festive mood...including me! I look forward to the 2 week break!! We got home s s both kids were put right to bed...with minimal fight too! Then I got my chores done before sitting and knitting. I watched most if Barbara Walters 10 most fascinating people. It was good...s sure sign I'm gettin older. Then it was Survivor and Brandon was and idiot of you ask me!!! Psych was good as usual...but I'm bummed I had to wait toil February.

Oh DJ got his first report card and I'm pleased as punch!!! :)

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