Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's hard to believe

That this is my 1000th post!!!! Really?? How is that possible!?!?!?! Yeah sure it's almost been 4 years I've been blogging (WHAT!??!) but when the total hits 1000 after I submit this, it still boggles my mind! Granted, if I'd been as faithful as the title suggests (daily) then I'd have hit this milestone long ago...but, a girl does need to have fun once in a while!! :) Speaking of, tomorrow nite is a "fun" nite for blog Sunday've been warned!

Today I swelled with such parental pride it was ridiculous!!!!!

Third time IS a charm!!!!!

Over the past 18 months or so, DJ has had two opportunities to go on stage and sing songs that he's learned....the first two times being with VBS...the first with his hands down his pants (remember that?) and the second when he had his hands in his pockets and just stood there (that was this past summer)

So today I was anxious for him!

I shouldn't have been!

He did AMAZING up on that stage for his school Christmas program! He did most of the signs for the songs....sang most of the words to TEN (10) songs....sat quietly when it wasn't their turn to sing...didn't push anyone off stage....and most of all, HE DIDN'T HAVE HIS HANDS DOWN HIS PANTS!!!!!!!!!! Granted, they were busy wrapping around his neck, playing with his elbows, pulling on his ear, doing that self soothing thing with his tongue...but no hands were near his pants!!!! Oh, and he yawned A  LOT!!! 

It was just so awesome to see him up there...for the 1 pm show, it took him a few minutes to find me in the audience...I'd been snapping pix left right and center, and when he found me, he stuck his tongue out...rascal! And for the 7 pm showing, we sat further back to give other parents a chance to see the kids. I sure saw more when further back as I wasn't so focused on DJ for the second round.

I am a proud mama!!!

And a tired one...I'm off to bed! Was falling asleep while the kids watched a Christmas movie, but then when I got them in bed, I was wide awake! Watched an adult Christmas movie by one of my fave authors, Debbie Macomber, and thoroughly enjoyed it!! Got the lights exchanged, but haven't put them up yet...

Til next time...God bless!


  1. Awesome! WAY TO GO cuz!

    And yay DJ for being such an awesome performer:)

  2. I hate it when I do that....fall asleep watching a movie, and then wake up to go to bed, but end up REALLY waking up and it's midnight. Ai yi yi.

    Too cool he did so well! He is growing up, huh?

    And congrats on you 1,000th POST. Dang! That's pretty awesome!


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