Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mr. Thirsty

Made his appearance today for the 3rd time in my children's lives...yep, they had a dentist appointment!! And this time I prepared SamSam for my not being in the room with her the whole time! She was first to go in, and not one peep was made!!! DJ went in within minutes of her and I was out the door to the post office...kidless!! What a novelty!! I also popped in on a local soap maker that I'd never been into before...got myself two new bars of soap!! Then I went back to the dentist's office to check in on them. Sam was waiting on x-rays and DJ was waiting on the dentist. They'd both chosen the bubble gum flavoured fluoride...DJ got the trays, and Sam had hers brushed on and sucked away by none other than, Mr Thirsty!!! It was cute!! Sam even got to hold it til he was needed on the job! Who knew that little wand that sucks your spit would be so much fun!!?!?!? ha! Come to think of it, that was my fave part too!

From there we headed to the school to get our Freddy cards from the scrip program....then to my friend Jaime's house to drop off her Avon books...then to the dollar store to do the shopping...and then we met up with an Avon client and gave her her order...then we went to the shed to do the books before finally heading home!!

The plan was to eat lunch and then run back into town to do some grocery shoppin...but as we all know, the best laid plans have the best intentions....and they got thwarted by a dog and some poop!!! Namely, her own!!!! With this whole puberty thing for dogs, she's just wigging out!! Taken to peeing on the couch...pooping in her crate...what the heck!!!! This time she managed to get it on her, so I put her on the trolley while we ate lunch, and then brought her in to bathe her....that was the easy part!!! I think Snickers knew I was aiming to bathe her next as she refused to come inside...just looked me, and walked away! I swear she shook her head "no" at me too! I even tried bribing her with a cookie!! No go. When it finally got too late to bathe her, she came inside! Smart dog!

So with my free time I managed to unclutter some of our counter tops...I figure if I start now, I should have it done for a full house at Christmas...right!??! *crosses fingers* I also attempted to make caramel corn, but discovered I didn't have enough corn syrup...so it'll be added to the list! Then the kids came in from playing outside, and they got bathed!! Sam first and then DJ....even tho we hadn't had dinner yet, they both got their jammies on!  Howie wasn't coming home from work tonite as the football banquet was tonite....so he had Dick's...grrrr! I winged it for dinner as I wasn't really in the mood to go all out what with all the bathing going on.

The kids got nuggets, noodles and carrots...I had chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese....which judging by my greedy children I need to make more often!!! Not the soup part...lol Then I settled them in with Santa Clause the movie (we have the 2nd one and they love it!!!) and went and hopped in the shower. I got out and DJ came to tell me that he did NOT like this movie!! Not sure what part he didn't like, but he wasn't impressed! Cracked me up! Then Sam came and told me she was tired and wanted to go to bed...so I got her teeth brushed and put her in bed before I even got to DJ's teeth. Guess she was tired! In fact, I had both kids in bed by 8:15!!! That's unheard of! But nice!!

So I settled in to watch the ACA's (country music award show) which my future hubby (Trace Adkins for future reference) was hosting and my boyfriend (Blake) sang a song on...good times, good times!! Yeah, I'm certifiable!! It was a good show and the ones I thought would win didn't...but that's good too! Howie got home just as the decade award was being handed out...kissed me hello, and then kissed me goodnite and off he went! He would have been later getting home too if I hadn't borrowed a cup of cat food from next door...apparently they don't like puppy food....picky eaters! HA!

I watched HIMYM and was saddened!!! Poor Robin!!! I didn't see this one coming! And then 2 Broke Girls was funny!!!!!! Max rocks!! Then I flipped to Hart of Dixie and it was good too! Knit my nite away!! I'd started a scarf, and tried something different, 60 stitches instead of my normal 30...took way too long to get anywhere, and an that rate I could have used 5 skeins of yarn...which is 3 too many for me! So I frogged it and started over with 44 stitches....I have just as much done in one our tonite than what I'd done over the past two nites!!!! Big difference!!!

As I was typing this out, I realized Sam didn't put a diaper on...we'd talked about it, but it dawned on me she didn't do it...so I went to check on her, sure enough she's sleeping in a wet spot...woke her up, got her changed, took the wet sheets off the bed (I now get the doubling up of sheets trick!) and put a diaper on....she's back in la la land. Not even 5 minutes later, DJ woke up to pee! Will she ever get the hang of this nite time thing!?!?

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. Oh man! It took Bridget forever not to wear a pull-up to bed. I think it's a bladder thing. They just have to get old enough that it works properly. I was a bed-wetter too, and I totally have sympathy for those late night pee'ers. HA.

    Sydney showed me where those icons are (on the phone). Under settings....somewhere. Of course she did it too fast for me to follow. TEENAGERS!


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